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Delivery truck stuck in snow

How inclement weather impacts last mile

In Arkansas, we’ve already had below-freezing temperatures this season and this year has seen lots of unusual flooding. Weather is amazing but it can also wreak havoc on lives and businesses. For the last mile delivery industry, weather can easily cause time-consuming, costly problems. In Arkansas, we’ve already had below-freezing temperatures this season and this […]
connection map that shows the relationship between unnamed entities

3PL and Last Mile must work together better

In the world of e-commerce, many pieces of the supply chain must work together to ensure that each piece is successful, and that the end customer is satisfied with their purchase. Communication is key along the entire process, but a positive relationship between the 3PL provider and the last mile delivery providers is vital. 3PL […]

Tips for protecting your packages from Porch Pirates

As e-commerce continues to grow and millions of packages are delivered around America each day, the prevalent problem of what people call “Porch Pirates” is only getting worse. Porch Pirates are thieves who steal packages off porches in cities across the nation. They act by either following around delivery trucks and waiting for them to […]

Success in last mile delivery depends on creativity

In just about any industry, being creative when responding to rapid change is paramount for survival. That seems to be especially true when it comes to logistics, especially last mile delivery. The logistics industry is growing and changing at a rapid rate, and at the core of this change is last mile delivery. Consumer demands […]

Our predictions for 2019 in the logistics industry

On this last day of 2018, we wanted to share our predictions for what we foresee will happen in our industry in the new year. The logistics and warehousing industries are in constant flux, and we see many trends emerging that will drive the industries moving forward. Warehousing space shrinking, becoming more urban It should […]

Client Spotlight: Article

Last month, we featured our client Arkansas Turf Support, a company that specializes in various areas including turf consultation and sport turf management. This month we wanted to highlight our client Article, which is a furniture company that delivers beautifully designed modern furniture. Article has a wide range of products available, including sofas, chairs, tables, […]
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