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Client Spotlight: Tango Press

Client Spotlight: Tango Press

This month’s client spotlight features an independent corrugated packaging and digital printing company, Tango Press. Tango Press is based in Springdale and they service packaging Trade Partners, Brand Owners and Agencies, as well as packaging Brokers.

Co-founded by John Ballentine and Steve Toth, Tango Press was created to help clients achieve their visions while efficiently printing and delivering their packages. Tango Press offers custom digital printing and allows their clients to order just one prototype or in large quantities depending on what they need. With fast printing technology and high-resolution graphics, they can meet the needs of all their clients, as fast as possible.

“We can rapidly translate your packaging concept vision – from a single prototype or concept to large scale production run quickly,” Steve Toth said.

Where does On Time Logistics come into the picture? We offer local and regional delivery of pallets of packaging to their various customers and trade partners.

“Working with OTL helps us extend our service to local and regional delivery of packaging to our customers.  Being able to count on OTL to meet short delivery timelines gives us the confidence to say ‘yes we can’ more often,” Toth said.

The company’s website goes into even more detail about what they offer.

“Tango Press crafted its business model for honest, transparent, and flexible business. Working with us won’t feel like a corporate bureaucracy. We are here to change the game in terms of how creative designers, product developers, and brand owner’s work, and the results they can achieve,” according to their website. “We focus on delivering what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Pure and simple. No fuss.

“Our team includes structural designers, graphic artists, logistical experts, and the best digital print technicians to make sure you get display or packaging products second to none, without the headaches.”

We at On Time Logistics always appreciate working with clients who value excellence in their work and we’re proud to be a part of Tango Press being a success.

Do you have a need for delivering items big and small to your customers? We offer a variety of last mile delivery, courier delivery, and other logistics services in Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, and Little Rock. We’d love to help so give us a call.

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