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Meet: Joel Guerrero

Meet: Joel Guerrero

joel-gJoel Guerrero joined the On Time Logistics team this July after spending eight years in the buying/sales/trade business in Siloam Springs.

Joel’s primary role is driving a box truck, which means he’s responsible for delivering items that have been ordered from or by various large stores. He mostly makes deliveries for Amazon, Burlington Coat Factory, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

While working in the pawn shop business for eight years, Joel had to spend a lot of time at a desk managing the business. He loved the work but felt like he had achieved the goals he set out to do and was “ready to experience and learn more.”

With his work at On Time Logistics, Joel gets to get out in the community and be active, all while learning new and challenging skills. He tells us that he loves his “awesome co-workers” and he likes being “on time!”

Joel was born and raised in Boston but his family moved to Siloam Springs in 1999, so he attended high school there. He now has three kids and a girlfriend. He loves spending time with his family and buying, selling or trading old muscle cars as a hobby.

We’re so pleased to have Joel with us at On Time Logistics. Are you interested in learning new things and being able to travel around Northwest Arkansas or the Tulsa area? We’re hiring many more couriers and truck drivers to help with our growing business. Please contact Tim Ray at or 888-261-8282.


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