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Meet: Johnathan McKay

Meet: Johnathan McKay

With 2018 moving into full swing, Little Rock is proving to be a logistics-friendly market. An employee who will see that environment firsthand is Johnathan C. McKay who joined On Time Logistics in October 2017.

John joins us after working different jobs in fast food, landscaping, and warehousing. With OTL, he tells us he enjoys a regular schedule and knowing what is expected of him when coming in to work.

John works as one of our warehouse associates and enjoys his fellow staff members. In his own words:

“I like the people at On Time Logistics and all that we do. There is a lot of business right now so there is always something for me to do.”

In his free time, John enjoys spending time with his daughter and 22-month old son. He also enjoys hobbies such as video games, being athletic, model cars, and trying new things.

After being founded in 2007, OTL has grown with offices in Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock, and Tulsa. Our growth has allowed us to hire a record number of drivers and couriers, but we are still seeking more, especially drivers in Little Rock. Most of the work involves last-mile deliveries but we are also working to grow our courier business in the Little Rock area.

Looking to join On Time Logistics and become a part of the rapidly growing warehousing industry? For more information, contact Tim Swindler at or call 501.902.4650.

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