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Meet: Patrick Murray

Meet: Patrick Murray

Those calling in to our Little Rock location have been hearing a new voice since June as Patrick Murray joined our team as dispatcher/scheduler.

“I plan (routes) in all of Central Arkansas and work on giving the customers the best customer experience possible,” he said. “I also work closely with all members of On Time Logistics to grow and expand the company’s hold in Central Arkansas.”

Patrick tells us he grew up in the transportation industry, starting as a dock worker at 12 years old sweeping trailers out and he’s worked his way up to include roles such as operations/terminal manager.

“I know how to grow with the drivers and office personnel,” he said. “My own goal is to make sure to be an asset to the company while maintaining my personal beliefs.”

Patrick specifically mentioned his Christian faith and how he feels that his beliefs will be respected with our company. He also said he appreciates how we recognize the need to take care of our families and value his desire to put his daughter’s needs first in his life.

“From day one, I could tell this would be a great fit with my personal and spiritual goals. Not only does the owner, Steve, understand that I have a young child that I want to be a part of her life, but also that I am a Christian and try to follow God’s rule. I believe in treating everyone as you would want to be treated.”

Patrick also noted that he appreciates that our owner is still intimately involved with the company and knows his team members.

“Most CEOs or Presidents don’t even know the employees’ names besides signing off on the checks every week,” he said.

When he’s not working, Patrick spends most of his time with his daughter, including taking trips to his uncle’s ranch so she can watch and play with the cows. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Patrick is also an U.S. Army veteran who served one tour.

Come work with us!

OTL started in 2007 as a primarily courier company but over time, we’ve grown to include many more delivery and courier services with the largest demand being last mile delivery.

Are you interested in a part-time or full-time job? We are always hiring new drivers and independent contract couriers to help serve our customers. We are hiring in both Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas.

We have some basic requirements for all contract couriers and delivery drivers. Those requirements include:

  • 21 years of age
  • Valid DL
  • Clean driving record
  • Pass a background check
  • Reliable vehicle (Contract couriers only, drivers use our trucks)
  • Professional appearance (Business casual)
  • Smartphone on a major carrier (ie. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.)
  • Appropriate delivery-use insurance ($300,000 liability minimum)
  • Approved Drug Test required prior to contract or employment offer.

Does working in an environment where you can choose your own schedule and have great co-workers appeal to you? Do you fit the above requirements? Contact us today! Want to learn more? You can read more info on our website.


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