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Wishing you a safe, fun Spring Break

Wishing you a safe, fun Spring Break

This week, thousands of school children are out of school for Spring Break. Time off from their studies combined with the promised warmer temperatures means families will be finding adventure!

We want to remind our community to be safe both in your own travels and in watching out for others.

Hitting the road

With gas prices finally on the decline, we hope many are planning a road trip, whether they leave the state or not.

Are you headed out of town for a few days? If you haven’t already, make sure your car is in working order. Check the lights and tires, and have all your fluids checked. If you’re already on your trip, we encourage you to take your car to the local tire, lube, filter place just to have a quick inspection. No need to have your fun ruined by simple car trouble that could be avoided!

While on your trip, be mindful of local traffic rules and be cognizant that many people will be sharing the road with you. Drive carefully and defensively!

Being safe at home

Sticking close to home this spring break? Keep in mind that while the regular school bus traffic won’t be around, you will find different types of traffic on the road including families enjoying day trips to favorite local stops and, if the weather holds, more kids playing outside.

We encourage everyone to be cautious and mindful of people being out enjoying the spring weather. This includes people on sidewalks, in crosswalks, and perhaps riding their bikes or motorcycles in the roadway.

One more note: while the weather forecast is for nice, warmer temperatures, Friday in Northwest Arkansas is forecasted to have potentially bad weather. Keep that in mind while enjoying your safe, fun spring break!

Are you going on a trip or staying home this week? What tips do you have for a great week?

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