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Celebrating success and looking to the future

Celebrating success and looking to the future

Earlier this month, we celebrated our annual meeting at On Time Logistics. We host meetings for our entire staff and independent contractors every quarter, but once a year we take extra time to discuss what happened the previous year and what we hope for in the new year. We also celebrate any potential retirements and present awards during our annual meeting.

We shared a bit on social media, but also wanted to share on our blog.

Annual awards

We couldn’t be successful for our warehousing and logistics customers without our dedicated staff and independent contractors. Everyone’s hard work, knowledge and diligence is deeply appreciated but we take a moment each year to celebrate those who really stand out.

Linda Gifford was honored as our Larry Merle Award winner for 2016. Larry was one of our first couriers at On Time Logistics and his dedication to his work led us to name this award after him.


Rick Parker has been with On Time Logistics for several years and his work managing our docks is a key to our warehousing service’s success. We honored him for the 2016 Employee of the Year Award.


We also honored Vic Woodard as he retired at the end of 2016. Vic has been a part of the OTL family for many years as a contract courier.


Sharing in our success

Steve Jones discusses our success in 2016 including major growth and new opportunities.


As we shared in this recent press release, we saw fantastic growth in 2016. We opened our own office in Tulsa and became last mile delivery providers for both Amazon and in the Northwest Arkansas region. We were able to also develop customer relationships with a growing number of small businesses. Our warehousing and courier services in both regions make it possible to serve customers of all sizes. This is exactly what we hope to accomplish each year.


Another major part of our annual meetings is fellowship. In the hustle and bustle of providing our various services, there isn’t always much time for socialization. This gives us the opportunity to meet new employees and couriers and to catch up with old friends. We also have fabulous food!