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Celebrating the #BFF and talking about women in logistics

Celebrating the #BFF and talking about women in logistics


OTL Women in Logistics

This week the world’s spotlight is on Bentonville as the 2nd Annual Bentonville Film Festival is taking place. This festival is much more than giving new and rising film industry people a chance to have their films seen by the public, although that’s a great cause!

The BFF’s focus is women and diversity in media, including celebrating the success already there and encouraging better representation for people of color and women. This event is a huge logistical undertaking and we’re excited to have them here in Northwest Arkansas.

We at On Time Logistics also wanted to take a moment to look at the logistics industry in regards to various diverse demographics. The logistics industry, like many industries, needs to do a better job of recruiting a diverse workforce and at OTL, we are dedicated to the this effort. We currently have women working in marketing, courier deliveries, finance, and dispatch.

One aspect of recruiting a stronger, more diverse workforce is to help people realize that logistics is more than just heavy lifting in a dirty warehouse. In fact, the industry isn’t really that at all. Logistics is a well-paying, diverse industry with opportunities for many types of people. Yes, there is some heavy lifting, but a quick look into our company shows how we have truck driver opportunities for small deliveries, dispatch work, and some lighter warehouse work.

Are you interested in joining the logistics industry? Or perhaps it’s something you’ve previously thought was not for you. Contact Tim Ray at or 479.717.2206 to discuss the possibilities.

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