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Making the most of Amazon Prime Day

Making the most of Amazon Prime Day

It will be like Christmas (and Black Friday) in July for Amazon Prime members as the online retail giant hosts its fifth-annual Amazon Prime Day July 15 and 16. You read that right; Amazon is now making it a two-day event.

Last year, Amazon reported that their 2018 was its “biggest day in history” when Prime members purchased more than 100 million products. Last year was also the first Prime Day when Amazon-owned Whole Foods, which gave members some great discounts at the specialty food store.

Some Amazon Echo early deals are already available, and it seems the internet is alive with speculation on what deals might be available. Other big retailers are also joining in the fray by adding their own competing deals in an attempt to draw shoppers away from Amazon.

It will be interesting to see how this year’s Amazon Prime Day being expanded to two days affects the event. Surely it will bring in more revenue and, hopefully, there will be fewer problems with the site being so overloaded that it fails to function.

As always, we encourage taking the time to research deals you know will be available and make sure that the items have good reviews, etc. A cheap price on a cheap product isn’t that great of a deal!

You must be a Prime member to get most the deals, but we wanted to share some ideas for how many can take advantage of the event (you’ll want to share these with friends).

Get a free trial

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Prime. You can sign up for the Prime Day and just make sure you don’t forget to cancel the membership if you decide you don’t want to pay the $119 annual fee (plus tax in Arkansas and Oklahoma). You might discover, however, that the streaming, book deals, and free two-day shipping on most items are worth the cost. We’ll let you decide that!

Do your own specials

Many small retailers, especially local boutiques find it hard to compete with major events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. We suggest not worrying about “competing” and just do your own thing! Join in the fun by offering your own sales. Promote that if they come in the store, it’s “immediate” delivery right into their hands. This can be a great time to offer specials to your loyal customers with a coupon they get in a newsletter or by mentioning something they saw on your Facebook page. And what’s more, they don’t have to pay to be a loyal customer.

Nonprofits can win!

Are you part of a registered 501c(3)? Is your nonprofit organization signed up for Amazon Smile? If not, you should look into doing that and promote it to your followers. Make sure they choose your nonprofit from the list and make their purchases through the Smiles program. It costs them nothing extra and your nonprofit can get a small percentage of their sales.

Busy time

Whenever Amazon gets busy, so do we! Amazon Prime Day and the holiday season are big in the last mile delivery industry. We are always looking for more delivery drivers and contract couriers to help manage our delivery load. Check out our website for more information about joining our team. And if you are a retailer wanting to provide delivery services in the Tulsa, Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas areas, we can help with that, too!

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