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Meet: Bob Wilson

Meet: Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson has worked for OTL as an independent contract courier since June 2017. He does not have a regular route as he is one of our drivers we rely on for routes that vary week-to-week based on customer need.

Bob said that he enjoys his schedule because he can get started early and have the full day to get his work done.

Before joining OTL, Bob ran a 15-truck company in Springdale for eight years. As a former small business owner, he understands the value of strong customer relations, which shines through in his work at OTL.

He also said that he loves being in charge of just himself instead of having to supervise a staff and oversee a whole vehicle fleet. This gives him the time to provide the best individual service he can.

In his downtime, Bob spends time with his wife. They have been married for 22 years. Together, they are raising their grandson.

Many of our staff have families, which are incredibly important to all of us at OTL. The flexible schedules work well many people and often times people who apply are retired from their longtime jobs and are looking for an income source that has greater flexibility to allow time with their family. Our courier and driver positions also provide a great secondary (or primary!) income for parents with young families.

Independent contract couriers are vital to our business. They are often the first impression of our company. With the rise of e-commerce and more businesses and consumers needing fast delivery, having a driver who is able and willing to be flexible is a major asset to our business. Bob is a great example of the type of driver we need.



On Time Logistics was founded in 2007 by Steve Jones and it offers services including warehousing, courier services, medical courier services, white glove service, last mile courier service, and other on-demand courier and delivery services. OTL is based in Springdale, Ark. and also offers services in Tulsa, Okla. and Little Rock. Our primary service areas are Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

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