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OTL celebrates 10 years

OTL celebrates 10 years

SPRINGDALE, Ark.—The Springdale, Ark.-based logistics and warehousing provider On Time Logistics marked their 10th anniversary earlier this month.

On Time Logistics was founded in 2007 by Steve Jones and it offers services including warehousing and fulfillment, courier services, medical courier services, white glove service, last-mile courier service, and other on-demand courier and delivery services. OTL is based in Springdale, Ark. and has an office in Tulsa, Okla. They also serve as a warehousing agent in Little Rock. Its primary service areas are Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. OTL has 15 employees and 10 independent contract couriers.

“It’s been a process and it’s taken a lot to make it work,” Jones said recently. “But we’re really starting to gain some traction and we continue on the journey to be a fully regional delivery service.

“It’s been an interesting journey that I’m glad I’ve been on,” he continued. “It’s been a good experience.”

Steve started the company after working in the insurance industry for 25 years and he decided he wanted to delve into something new. An entrepreneur at heart, Steve used his background and knowledge in vehicle insurance to look into the idea of a logistics service. He found a great model in Dallas and started On Time Logistics from scratch. He knew that a courier service would do well in a place like Northwest Arkansas and he was right.

Their first major client was Northwest Health Systems and 10 years later, On Time Logistics still provides excellent medical courier services for the organization. Other clients have come and gone including major advertising agencies and consumer packaged goods companies.

“From 2007 to 2012, we saw major growth,” Jones said. “Then when we hit a lull with the economy until about 2015. We stayed pretty steady until then but in 2016, we really started to grow.”

E-commerce growth is the major driving factor in On Time Logistics’ growth since 2016 as they are the last-mile delivery provider for a growing number of retailers, including and

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