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Tips for protecting your packages from Porch Pirates

Tips for protecting your packages from Porch Pirates

As e-commerce continues to grow and millions of packages are delivered around America each day, the prevalent problem of what people call “Porch Pirates” is only getting worse.

Porch Pirates are thieves who steal packages off porches in cities across the nation. They act by either following around delivery trucks and waiting for them to drop off the package, or they may simply drive around the neighborhood and look for unattended packages on the porch.

At On Time Logistics, we strive to ensure the items we leave are as secure as possible and we always report suspicious behavior. Many of our delivery items require someone to be home, negating this being a potential problem for most of our deliveries.

We still wanted to use our expertise to help protect you from falling victim to “Porch Pirates.”

Tips for ensuring your packages are protected

Always add tracking to your package order

Most packages can be easily tracked. Get the tracking number so you can get an approximation on the date and time it will arrive. It may be worth investing in insurance for your deliveries just in case anything does happen.

Sign for all your packages

Even though it may be an inconvenience, if it is an available option, require a signature for the package to be received.

Deliver it to an alternative destination

If you are not at home when the package is expected to be delivered, consider delivering it somewhere where there will be a person there to receive it. Have a trusted neighbor take it inside until you get home or see if it is available to be delivered to your work. Another possible option is to purchase a secured box that looks like a decoration on your porch but is a container for delivered packages. This would need to be secured somehow in many cases.

Install a home security system

Perhaps the best way to scare off thieves is to have a security camera installed on your front porch. This will allow you to monitor your packages if you cannot be there to pick them up right when they are delivered. Another idea is to post a sign warning that your house is under surveillance.

The most exciting part of ordering a product is that moment it ends up on your doorstep and you finally get to open it. Here at OTL, we want to provide the best deliveries possible and ensure you have that special moment of opening your package with no worry of Porch Pirates. Contact us today for your delivery needs in the NWA, Little Rock, and Tulsa area!


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