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Etiquette for last mile and white glove deliveries

Etiquette for last mile and white glove deliveries

On Time Logistics works to make sure deliveries are made as easily and efficiently as possible. Like any industry or service, certain standards of etiquette and behavior are necessary of all parts of the transaction for each entity to experience success.

This is true for the growing industry of last mile delivery.  This means everyone—including the delivery driver, the retailer selling the item, and the customer/consignee receiving the delivery—should respect one another and the contract they made.

Whether it be because of efficiency issues, or for legal and safety issues, delivery drivers often must decline when customers ask for expanded services upon the time of delivery. When drivers have to do extra services not listed in the contract, it disrupts all other deliveries. Our drivers and couriers sometimes experience rudeness from customers when they cannot comply with their wishes.

To avoid these issues and ensure all deliveries are made smoothly, OTL follows these guidelines for before, during, and after all last mile and white glove deliveries:

Prior to delivery

The driver collects all the necessary paperwork for each delivery and takes note of any special instructions that need to occur during delivery. This includes whether or not we are able to access the location if it is on a rural road.

The driver confirms that all items being delivered have been inspected, and if pictures have been requested, make sure they have been taken. Then properly load the items and all necessary equipment.

We then call the customer approximately 30 minutes out, to notify them we are on the way, allowing them time to prepare for our arrival.

During delivery

Upon arrival, we park the vehicle in an appropriate location such as the driveway or in a safe spot on the street.

During threshold, room of choice and white glove deliveries, we always remember that we are entering someone’s home and do all we can to respect their property and their family. This includes everything from wearing protective gear to making sure we respect their privacy and staying off our cell phones during the delivery unless absolutely necessary.

Once we are done, we remove any boxes or debris the customer does not want (white glove deliveries only).

Lastly, we make sure the customer signs all necessary paperwork so there is proof of delivery. If there is damage and the customer will not accept the delivery, we write the information on the paperwork and take pictures of the damage.

After delivery

An important part of the process is making sure all the final details are handled after the delivery. Our drivers must submit paperwork necessary for each delivery and notify administration of any problems that arose during the delivery so it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Following these simple guidelines helps us ensure that each and every delivery we make satisfies our clients and customers. If you are in the Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock, or Tulsa area and are looking for a reliable and responsible delivery service, contact us today!

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