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Why a home decorating or home staging business needs a logistics provider

Why a home decorating or home staging business needs a logistics provider


As a home decorating or home staging business located in Northwest Arkansas or Tulsa metro areas, you often have to rely on multiple companies to make your work possible. From delivering furniture to hiring people to help set up, home staging and home decorating requires a multitude of people. So how can your job be made easier? The simple answer is through hiring a logistics provider.


A large part of a home decorating or home staging business relies on your ability to move furniture in and out of homes. Usually, this means hiring a company to store the furniture, a separate company to deliver the furniture, and another company to help set up the home. However, rather than coordinating with multiple companies, a logistics company can do all of that work for you.


By hiring a logistics company, you are getting a logistics provider that will perform all these services. This is both more economical and more efficient. These logistics companies, like On Time Logistics, can provide

  • Short-term warehousing for furniture,
  • A dock for deliveries
  • A staff to deliver these items to each location, and
  • A staff to set up any furniture or displays needed.


Instead of relying on the coordination of separate companies to do the job, simply contact a logistics provider. The logistics companies also offer white glove services, which will allow for better transportation of valuable items that might be easily damaged.


On Time Logistics

With offices in Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, and Little Rock, On Time logistics is here to help you and your home staging business. We, at On Time Logistics, are professional, prompt, and effective. With services ranging from same day deliveries to warehouse distribution, On-Time Logistics will make your business run more efficiently. We have trained and certified employees, and we are committed to serving you and your business. For more information about the services we offer, please visit our website /our-services/.

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