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Meet: Bennie Cash

Meet: Bennie Cash

Bennie CashBennie Cash came to On Time Logistics in August with a broad range of work experience. We’re pleased that he’s chosen working in our warehouse and making deliveries for OTL as his next step in life!

With his job experience ranging from various jobs in well-known companies such as Walmart and Sam’s Club, to working for various companies that call on Walmart and Sam’s Club, Bennie Cash brings a myriad of skills to On Time Logistics community. His previous work experience includes assistant manager, general manager, and buyer.

Bennie’s role with us is warehouse and delivery, an extremely important job to the entire company as a whole because it’s the foundation of what we do at On Time Logistics.

With the new job, Bennie enjoys the change in scenery from his previous work, which included a lot more sitting and report generating. As he said himself, “every day is different.”

Bennie is also busy with a big family.  He and his wife have six children between the two of them, and five grandkids (plus twins on the way).

We are excited to have Bennie Cash with us!

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