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Why freight preferences are shifting to air vs sea

Why freight preferences are shifting to air vs sea

4When you think about the products you buy every day do you ever stop and think about how they got to the store or even to your house? Most products are moved to the United States either by air or over water. Throughout the transportation industry, there has been an increase in airplane freight and a decrease in boat freight. Basically, more companies are moving their shipments via air, rather than over water.


So why the shift?


There are generally three factors that come into play when a company is deciding between air and water freight. The first, and most obvious factor is cost. Typically, air freight is more expensive, but that can change, based on the cargo’s departure and destination. Because freight companies typically charge based on weight and size, it is best to look at which freight provider is the most cost-efficient for your desired cargo.


Another factor to consider is speed. Air freight is definitely faster than boat freight. In the modern consumer industry, faster is always better. The increase in relying upon air freight can be tied to the desire to shorten door-to-door delivery times. Air freight is also historically more reliable than ocean freight. While flights can be delayed, or cancelled due to weather, they are typically more on schedule than boats.


The third factor to consider is the environmental factors. While this factor may not be as important to some, it is still essential to consider. With a heavier reliance on air and boat freight, the emissions of the freight industry are lessening.


So how does it affect you?


With large corporations starting to rely more heavily on air freight, it drastically increases the ability to ship things to more locations faster because you’re not relying on an ocean port. This gives last mile delivery companies such as On Time Logistics the ability to go pick items up at land-locked locations like the Tulsa International Airport, which is a major hub.


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